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Culturetech Solutions is a technical recruitment and consulting organization using the highest quality veteran technology professionals to overcome your roadblocks. We thrive on the energy of the people we serve. As a women-owned small business, we provide expert technical staffing solutions tailored to your unique needs. Our flexible staffing and experienced technology professionals provide you with the expertise you need for project completion and filling in those gaps on your team.


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45 Plus

Our team has over 45 years of technical staffing experience. Our recruiters understand the responsibilities of the roles they are hiring for and speak the language of engineering.

98 Percent

We are proud to boast a 98% retention rate for our filled roles. Our commitment to understanding your company culture allows us to ensure an excellent cultural fit as well as talent fit.

4 Steps

We believe that our comprehensive four-step approach to finding the best talent will quickly and effectively meet your hiring needs.

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About Us

Culturetech Solutions was born from 15-plus years in the technical staffing industry, where we witnessed firsthand the impersonal treatment of individuals and the lack of diversity. Culturetech was founded in 2021 with a mission to create a more equitable and humane approach to technical staffing. As a woman owned small business, we wanted to carve out a space where the candidate truly matters and were a true end to end staffing experience truly exists.

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